Symposium structure

The symposium will use an hybrid format, combining face-to-face with virtual sessions, intended to promote discussion, debate and involvement of participants in order to produce creative and efficient solutions to real and important problems, as well as to answer significant questions about the interaction of people with different environments and contexts affected by Covid19. We will organise the sessions in an academic space where all security measures are guaranteed (social distance, masks, etc.). This international symposium is organized to encourage the participation of scholars and practitioners from different disciplines and areas including psychology, sociology, anthropology, architecture, urban design, and planning, and from a range of countries and cultures.

The organisers will create the necessary online spaces through ordinary sessions, and posters, as well as informal sessions for sharing coffee and informal conversations. Instead of the traditional keynote lectures, the symposium will use a format of plenary sessions which will be organized as panel discussions and will encourage cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural debate.

Contributions will be accepted in the following categories:

Paper presentations

At the heart of the symposium will be paper presentations by researchers drawing on applied and theoretical research. Papers from both academics and practitioners will be considered for inclusion.


Describing contributions and the latest results of scientific work from theoretical and research work (especially PhD-researchers) best practice, qualitative case studies, quantitative studies, etc. 

Specific sessions

Representatives from various organizations involved in sustainability or urban development initiatives including: the private sector, commercial business, official agencies, municipalities, NGOs, schools, universities, and other institutions etc. are invited to organize sessions that will give a platform for in-depth discussion. Participants can propose a session on any issue pertinent to the theme of the symposium.